About Us

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Why Us?

L J Hooker Howick have held this prime location in the main street since 1987, we’re that small office with a big sales record.

Your LJ Hooker team don’t just work in your area, we live here which is why we have an in depth understanding of your local market.  We proudly represent a diverse clientele within your local community and because we are locals, we are dedicated supporters of your community at a grass roots level.

Our carefully selected real estate advisors provide a good blend of experience complemented with a strong grasp of emergent technologies and social media combining to support you every step of the way.

Traditional values, contemporary approach

Established in 1928 by Leslie Joseph Hooker, today LJ Hooker is a forward-thinking real estate brand with over 700 offices worldwide and has one of the highest levels of brand recognition in the industry.  Our founder’s philosophy of determination and innovation provides a strong cornerstone, encouraging a family culture within the organisation which holds true to this day.

Leslie Joseph Hooker understood that buying and selling property can be demanding on people and their emotions.  “Real estate is a unique asset – no two properties are the same and, for most people, a real estate purchase is the largest financial decision of their lives”.

“Real estate is not about houses, it’s about people”
 -  Leslie Joseph ‘LJ’ Hooker